Wednesday, March 09, 2005

a brief disclaimer regarding eric cerny

eric cerny, to eschew circumlocution, is an anomaly of a nature- a freak, a mutant...arguably he is a monstrosity. whisimically wandering about 164 civitan club and its proximities, one will occasionaly encounter the antics of this bizarre creature who summarily demands blankets, silence, and above all, respect. to avoid confrontation, in luckless cases that oblige one to interact with him, accustom yourselves to his typical behavior for the purpose of eluding shock and subsequent psychological trauma, which involves clandestinely lurking through the woods to pursue apocryphal drug dealers, brutishly smashing random objects in driveways and streets, and terrorizing locals for offenses that include flushing toilets after excreting and dwarf trepassing. when not pillaging civitan club, he regales in gorging vulgar quantities of food, frightening young children, conniving to sell fraudulent insurance policies to those who cannot afford them, and cultivating an increasingly sexual relationship with his collection of fresh water fish. his appearancew is austere, his origin is unknown, and his demand for the blanket is inexorable...he is eric fucking cerny. approach with caution.>.

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